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The BTA Treatment Plan Library

The BTA Treatment Plan Library is designed for use in electronic health records within all major facets of a comprehensive, recovery oriented behavioral health care service system.  It provides a diverse array of over 5,500 items covering services to children and youth, adults, and older adults.  The Library addresses issues arising in both mental health and substance abuse specialty service programs.  Items are included for use by staff across the full spectrum of educational backgrounds.


The BTA Treatment Plan Library has been designed to meet the specifications of the  California Treatment Planning Coalition, consisting of representatives from 26 county Behavioral Health Departments.  It was designed to meet the Coalition’s stringent design standards regarding…

-          Recovery Orientation

-          Compliance with Medicaid and Medicare Documentation Requirements

-          Relevance to both Mental Health and Alcohol/Drug Abuse Services

-          Relevance to Clients of All Ages

-          Relevance Across Cultures


The BTA Treatment Plan Library is organized into 8 Volumes.  Each Volume contains several Chapters, and some Volumes also have Appendices.  Some Chapters are divided into Parts.   Choose a button below for a full description of the BTA Treatment Plan Library content, organization, and design standards.

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