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Volume Order: 5 or more copies of a single item or package, purchased with single payment, shipped to one address.

Bulk Order: Orders totaling $2000 or more, purchased with single payment, shipped to one address.

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BTA's Products & Services

In addition to our license exam preparation products below, BTA offers the following products and services:

  • Expert Phone Consultation, complementary and as needed until you pass your exam.

  • Technical Support Publications providing support for the more technical aspects of clinical practice such as Clinical Assessment, Differential Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Clinical Documentation of Interventions/Client Progress/Use of Evidenced Base Practices.

  • Inservice Training (Law and EthicsClinical Aspects of Medi-Cal Compliance, Prelicensure Supervision, Diagnosis, Case Formulation, and more)

  • Consultation (Program Design, Policy and Procedure Manuals, Quality Assurance, Internal Quality Assurance Audits and Compliance Monitoring)

  • The BTA Treatment Plan Library, for use with Electronic Health Record systems

We look forward to continued collaboration with you as we strive toward excellence in behavioral health and social services practice.

Shoshana Taubman, PsyD, BTA Executive Director
Stan Taubman, PhD, LCSW, BTA Program Director

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