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“Sometimes we can only find our true direction when we let the wind of change carry us” ― Mimi Novic

For over 40 years Berkeley Training Associates has been a leading provider of license exam preparation support, consultation, in-service training, and technical support for clinical documentation and electronic health records.  We are gratified to know that we have contributed, not only to license exam success, but also professional development of thousands of clinical practitioners in behavioral health and social services. Now, as of January 1, 2021, we are refocusing and concentrating our attention to professional growth and organizational development.  As we respond to requests from our former customers and their colleagues who are seeking to further enhance the quality of their practices and programs, we will continue to make our license exam workbook collection available for individual purchase as well as by volume or bulk order for educational and service institutions.

PLEASE NOTE: BTA has re-introduced our Practice Examinations for both the National Clinical Level Social Work Exam and the Law & Ethics Exam for California Clinical Social Workers in PRINTED FORMAT.

(BTA's web-based SkillMaster Exam products are no longer available)

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BTA Treatment Plan Library
for Electronic Health Records
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BTA's License Exam Preparation Products
& Expert Consultation Services

for the California Social Work Law & Ethics Exam and the National Clinical Exam in Social Work

Discounts Available on Volume and Bulk Orders!

A Volume Order is defined as  5 or more copies of any item that is being shipped to a single address. The discounts are as follows: 

5 - 10 Copies: 15% disount

10 - 25 Copies: 20% discount

26+ Copies: 30% discount


A Bulk Order is defined as any order totaling $2000 or more.  The discount will depend on (1) the number of payment methods being processed to cover the cost of the order and (2) whether the order will be shipped to a single address or multiple addresses. Please contact us to discuss.


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